Which topic is narrow enough to serve as the subject of a persuasive essay?

I have written several award winning screenplays and work also work as a freelance writer. I have extensive experience helping students develop effective writing and library research skills, including implementation of APA Style. I hold a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction.

Occasionally he slips and the barbell starts to fall downward, but he always recovers. Compare the force exerted by the weightlifter on the barbell to that… Are a little more narrower of topics, its still too broad to cover in one essay. Because that is the most narrow and detailed subject to chose from topic wise.

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Here you have a very specific issue that can be discussed and solved in a paper. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Answers. Generally yes, but it largely depends on the platform you are using. Make sure you do your research before you give out your personal information to online services.

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Each strategy includes complete how-to-use instructions,… write my paper “The importance of capping college tuition costs” is a topic narrow enough to serve as the subject of a persuasive speech. The main objective of any persuasive speech is for the presenter to convince the audience of adopting his/her viewpoint on a specific subject. “The importance of capping college tuition costs” can be a suitable topic for a persuasive essay. This topic meets all the basic requirements – it is relevant, it provides scope for research, and, in the meantime, it is narrow enough to give you a chance to address it in an essay. “The importance of capping college tuition costs” is a topic narrow enough to serve as the subject of a persuasive speech.

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191 Best Persuasive Speech Topics by Jason Patel of Transizion.com In this video, I cover 191 of the best persuasive speech … This type of essay should examine a specific problem and suggest a relevant solution to that problem, which is why the topic you choose for this paper should not be too broad. The block method works best on short papers about simple topics. In the introduction, draw the reader’s attention, give background information, state the two things being compared and contrasted, and provide a thesis statement. To find your ideal tutor, browse our inventory of teachers.